Thursday, 24 July 2008


My favourite supermarket is Somerfield. No really. Two relevant reasons.

1. Their offers are great. And they publish them in a leaflet that someone delivers to my house. Total bargains on stuff you might actually want.
2. They sell Warburtons bread (idea for another blog post perhaps).

My love for Somerfield grew stronger at the weekend. Last Friday I drove up to Latitude. About 20 minutes away from the park where it was being held was a little village called Saxmundham. It was our last flushing toilet prior to Latitude and so grateful were we that it was our first after leaving on Sunday.

I heard Somerfield have been bought by Co-op. It won't be the same people. Go there now! Enjoy it while you can! (and yes those exclamation marks are being used properly; it is an order)

Monday, 21 July 2008

Next three pack tops

I'm telling you now because the autumn catalogue is out. There was one in the corridor last night which I thought might be mine. But when I went to get it this morning it had disappeared. Might have been for upstairs though.

Anyway – every season I buy a new set of Next three pack tops for work. They are fab. They are reasonably priced, wash well, don't need ironing, and don't need engagement of the brain before 8am. I have a boring job, I need to look smart not fashionable. They work well on their own or under a suit jacket. Three tops, three days – bliss.

Addendum: I published this from Word 2007 - how cool is that?!