Saturday, 9 August 2008

Warburtons bread

Well following on from my post about Somerfield I thought I ought to write about Warburtons bread. Truly I believe it is the best branded bread on the high street. I am certain that better bread can be bought from nice little bakers but I live in South Oxhey so I have to make do.

Warburtons do a wide range of bread but I have two favourites:

  1. The Seeded Batch (see above photo). Perfect for eating with soup. Lovely just spread with butter.
  2. Toastie (the small loaf version). White, thick cut loaf. Good size, stays fresh for ages and is the perfect bread for sausage or bacon sandwiches.

I found out about Warburtons and they are still a family company which makes me like them a bit more and makes me less guilty for buying bread wrapped in plastic from a supermarket. The fact that Tesco Express stores don't stock Warburtons tells me they must be less evil.

Photo credit: Duncan

Friday, 8 August 2008

Update on next

Seriously, someone stole my Next catalogue. And I need to buy three pack tops!

Photo credit: egg on stilts


I love Wordle. I like finding large chunks of text just so i can Wordle them. They are so pretty.

Basically they create a cloud of the most frequently used words. Normal words like "the" and "and" are eliminated.

You get to decide the colours, the direction, the font.

Go wordle something - you'll love it.