Thursday, 9 October 2008

Parsnip, Beetroot and Carrot crisps

I like crisps but I'm not an obsessive fan. I can take or leave them really.

But I just discovered Parsnip, Beetroot and Carrot crisps and they are my new latest obsession. They are a bit sweet so it is like a savory and sweet snack. I only wish they were cheaper really. 90p for 40g in eat and 70p for 25g in Pret.

Photo credit: Dilona


Jigna said...

They look yummy! Sweet and savory is a pretty big taste in the US it appears, hence their fantastic sweet potato fries, when cooked well they are really yummy! Talking about crisps I was the lucky recipient of seabrooks crisps recently, courtesy of best friend visiting with gifts! Their website is fun, I am looking forward to trying Seabrooks hot and spicy when I come home, along with of course seeing friends, family and new niece etc

Dhara said...

i LOVE m&s for so many reasons. all the food, the bra's. you just cant beat the quality